Wednesday, February 6, 2008

How Did I Miss January?

A month gone by too quickly. Here's a series of photo updates.Counting her olives, Oa adorns herself.
We spent New Year's Eve with our friends from church... yest, I'm a real party animal!The kids are going very strong (too strong) at midnight.
Oa combines culinary skills with innate fashion sense.
After every vacation must come a first day of school.One more vote for afternoon only school.

My biodiesel converter finally arrived. I'll start making fuel from waste vegetable oil sometime in Feb.Chase gets his groove on in my shopsuit.
Krista and her friend Shelby work out our zip line.
Shadow's my date to the family reunion in March.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Montage of Photos

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care....

Krista did the whole thing... a work of art!

Next year, a smaller christmas jigsaw puzzle.

Jenny will thank Chase for this................ someday.

Can you say puppy chow?

Hmmm, food!

Why does Boyd have to sit with Shadow on the floor to eat? He doesn't seem to mind.

Too much good cheer...

Alice made our Nativity Act with her great music.

The Happy Hainsworths

Nativity scene preparations

David is even happy when he's the donkey.

Fortunately, Krista-Mary knows CPR!

Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus

Angelic Jenny

Chase will take any role where he gets a long stick.

Pole-vaulting in a manger.


The longest Smith has smiled for me yet!

My bed is a cuddle bed.

If you ever need a really cool stocking-stuffer...

Even the cameraman got it!

Noah's own keratoplasty practice kit!!

Daddys' never drive correctly for their women.

My computer guys.